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WAEC Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2022, 100% Free Theory & Obj Expo Alternative A& B

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WAEC Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2022  is now release for the May/June 2022. WAEC Biology Answers (100% Sure)Alternative A& B Expo Answers for West African Examinations Council. WAEC Biology Practical Questions For you to have good WAEC result in  Biology as well as repeated questions for free in this post. You will also understand how WAEC Biology practical questions are set and how to answer them. The West African Examinations Council is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally.

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Please Note that the WAEC 2022 Biology Practical Questions and Answers and any other WAEC expo is provided by us for free. We understand that a lot of website charge of collect money from student to provide WAEC expo Biology Practical Answers to them. WAEC questions and answers are provided for free. We will do same during Other Exam like NECO.

WAEC Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2022

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WAEC Biology Practical Answers

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A – Neck region
B – Chest region
C – Upper abdomen region

A – It provides mobility and stability to the head while connecting it to the relatively immobile thoracic spine.
B – It holds the rib cage and protects the heart and lungs
C – It supports the weight of the body and allow certain movements, such as lifting objects.

(i) Transverse process – Functions as the site of attachment for muscles and ligaments of the spine as well as the point of articulation of the ribs
(ii) Centrum –  IIt supports most of the body’s weight.
(iii) Neural spine – It  receives sensory messages from tiny nerves
(iv) Neural canal – It allows the passage of the spinal cord

A – 7
B – 12
C – 5

(i) Sacral vertebrae
(ii) Caudale vertebrae


= D
-Two observation-
(i) Gives greenish leaves
(ii) Gives a growing seedlings

Positive growth

= E
-Two observation-
(i) No growth observed
(ii) Wet soil

Negative growth

= F
-Two observation-
(i) No growth observed
(ii) Dey soil

Negative growth

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We are happy you are here for  the 2022 Biology practical answers. The complete solution will be made free in some minutes before  the Physics practical examination.

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E – Excess water
F – Depletion of soil nutrient
G – Absence of water or soil moisture

(i) Well ventilated soil
(ii) Good and rich in nutrient soil



L – Arthropoda
M – Arthropoda

L – Insecta
M – Insecta

(i)They have an exoskeleton or a hard, shell-like covering on the outside of its body.
(ii)Insects have three main body parts: head, thorax, and abdomen.

(iii)Insects have a pair of antennae on top of their heads.


(i) It carries disease vector that causes malaria
(ii) The larva serves as food to aquatic organisms

(i) The caterpillar of specimen M destroys vegetable crops
(ii) It helps in pollination

(i) Controlled by Mosquito Traps
(ii) Controlled by Space sprays
(iii) Controlled by Mechanical Barriers
(iv) Controlled by Vegetation Management.
(v) Controlled by outdoor measures.


(i) Smaller in size
(ii) A Pair of wings
(iii) Absence of hard hind wings
(iv) Absence of maxillary palp/maxilla
(iv) Absence of spines on legs

(i) Big in size
(ii) Two pairs of wings
(iii) Presence of hard hind wings
(iv) Presence of maxillary palp/maxilla
(v) Presence of spines on legs

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