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WAEC Agric Questions and Answers 2022, 100% Free Theory & Obj Expo

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WAEC Agric Questions and Answers 2022

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WAEC Agric OBJ Answers:

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WAEC Agric Answers

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1)(a) Explain each of the following terms as used in animal production:
(i) Dipping;
(ii) Dry cow;
(iii) Culling;
(iv) Quarantine
(b) Describe the life cycle of roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides)
(c) Explain the term farm mechanization.
(d) Name four tractor coupled implements

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(2)(a) State six limitations of farm mechanization in West Africa.
(b) Suggest six ways of encouraging farm mechanization in West Africa.
(c) List four methods of identification in cattle management.
(d) What is debeaking in poultry management?

(3)(a) Mention two processes that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
(b) Name four storage pests of crops
(c) State two functions of Potassium in crops.
(d) List three ways by which each of the following biotic factors affects agricultural production:
(i) parasites;
(ii) Soil organisms.
(e) State four advantages of zero tillage.

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(i) Individual method

(ii) Group method

(iii) Mass media


Individual method


(i) It gives the poultry farmers proper understanding of the disease.

(ii) It will enhance practising


(i) Inability to reach many poultry farmers

(ii) It is a time consuming method

(iii) It may be very expensive


(i) Inadequate farm input

(ii) Inadequate fund

(iii) Inadequate skilled labour

(iv) Problem of distribution

(v) Inadequate farm machines


(i) Red Sokoto

(ii) West African dwarf

(iii) Sahel

(iv) Nigerian dwarf goat

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(i) Granting farmers loan

(ii) Establishment of agencies like Nigeria Agriculture and Co-operative Bank(N.A.C.B)


(i) Establishment of adult education for farmers

(ii) Sensitizing farmers on importance of being educated


(i)Employment of extension officer to sensitize farmers

(ii) Funding of extension programmes


(i)Government should make policies that will favour farmers and discourage foreign counterparts

(ii) Government should create a good marketing channels for distribution of farm produce.



= Disc plough

(i) does not have numerous small disc

(ii) has no scrappers

(iii) no drawbar

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