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About The Company:

The Sentry is an investigative and policy organization that seeks to disable multinational predatory networks that benefit from violent conflict, repression, and kleptocracy. Pull back the curtain on wars, mass atrocities, and other human rights abuses, and you’ll find grand corruption and unchecked greed.

These tragedies persist because the perpetrators rarely face meaningful consequences. The Sentry aims to alter the warped incentive structures that continually undermine peace and good governance. Our investigations follow the money as it is laundered from war zones to financial centers around the world. We provide evidence and strategies for governments, banks, and law enforcement to hold the perpetrators and enablers of violence and corruption to account. These efforts provide new leverage for human rights, peace, and anti-corruption efforts.


The Sentry

Job Title: Azerbaijan Senior Investigator
Remote, D.C.
Sector: Non Profit
Experience: Mid Career

Position description

 The senior investigator will be responsible for leading The Sentry’s efforts to analyze, disrupt and ultimately dismantle the kleptocratic networks and illicit financial flows that undermine peace, good governance, and human rights in Azerbaijan. They conceptualize and develop plans for investigations that advance The Sentry’s strategic objectives, reveal systemic challenges, provide scope for policy action, and tell compelling stories.

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The senior investigator will use open source investigative methods, find and liaise with sources, conduct interviews, travel to the field (including potentially high-risk destinations, including conflict zones), and analyze complex data sets. The senior investigator is expected to have strong investigative methodologies (including open source intelligence and investigative reporting techniques); understanding of the tools of financial pressure (i.e. anti-money laundering tools, sanctions, asset recovery tools, and legal/criminal justice tools); and writing and presentation skills, including public speaking and media engagement.

     – Leadership and Management: This senior investigator has responsibility for the overall coordination and management of investigative activities for Azerbaijan. This includes recruiting a team of investigators; providing supervision, feedback, and mentorship to the team; and reviewing and maintaining quality control for investigations carried out by their team. They serve as point of contact for external consultants working on investigations and work with team members to identify resources needed to conduct investigations.

     – Vision and Strategy: This senior investigator will develop investigations work with members of their team to develop investigations and assist in the formulation of action plans for reporting and data gathering.

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     – Assessing and Managing Risk: This senior investigator will manage and assess risks related to investigations to ensure that security of team members, intermediaries, and sources is closely assessed at all stages of an investigation. As the team lead, this senior investigator will identify and evaluate any ethical issues in the investigative and reporting processes.

     – Catalyzing Impact: In order to transform The Sentry’s investigations into action, this senior investigator will frequently provide briefings to policymakers, law enforcement, and financial institutions, provide interviews for media organizations, and present findings at public events.

Substantive Requirements:

– Minimum 3 years direct experience and overall demonstrated expertise, including publications, on policy/investigations related to Azerbaijan.
– Fluency in Azerbaijani, Turkish, or Russian preferred.
– Existing network of contacts and ability to develop a broader network in Azerbaijan.
– Managing and leading a small team.

Expectations for Success:

– Mission Focus: Clear desire to address the impact of kleptocratic networks that have driven conflict and corruption. Willingness to work with the Development team to support proposals, reports, and donor engagement.

– Attentive Management: Collaborative and communicative manager, attentive listener, engaged with team member development, able to have challenging conversations, and conscious, calm, and proactive in challenging contexts able to assist team members through challenging decisions.

– Expertise: Strong understanding of the tools of financial pressure and the strategies for deploying that pressure in their country of focus, including a strong understanding of the country’s politics, economics, and history.

– Investigative Tradecraft: Able to identify the methodologies that are appropriate to find information needed for The Sentry’s investigations and determine the resources needed to deploy those methods. Demonstrated experience for what makes effective investigations and instincts for deploying differing elements of an investigation at critical junctures.

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– Writing / Presentation Skills: Writing compelling public investigative reports and privately submitted dossiers that include well-cited and accurate information about financial crimes or corruption linked to violence, capture the systemic challenges that their cases highlight, identify policy responses and tools needed to address the challenges identified, and tell a compelling story. Active approach to editing and fact-checking throughout extensive investigative and editorial processes. Presenting to various audiences — public events, media, government agencies, and financial institutions.

– No dropped balls: Staying on top of specific tasks/follow-up items and general areas of work; consistently meets deadlines and communicates when deadlines won’t be met. Work within The Sentry’s policies and procedures for contracts, legal review, confidentiality, security, source management, etc.
– Attention to detail: All written products are polished, accurate, appropriate, and precise.
– Problem-solving attitude: Optimistic approach and flexibility in response to challenges, direction, or organizational priorities.

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